About us

We believe everyone should be able to live comfortably and explore the world.

No one should be left out of society because mobility is too hard or the cost is too great.

So we're building easy tools to empower people. Tools that connect all of us with possibility — because we believe everyone deserves to be equipped for life.

Our story

Our story began with a simple problem: to rent a bed. Our cofounder was in search of medical equipment for a family member who has paraplegia. We needed one bed that we could rely on, far away from home. And when we couldn't find what we were looking for — and realized we weren't alone — the idea for HandyQuip was born.

Who we are

HandyQuip is a healthtech company that connects people with the right medical equipment anytime, anywhere. We do this by empowering local businesses and in turn, generate new ways for people to live independently, explore the world, and care for others. We're starting by making life easier at home and beyond, but this is just the beginning of connecting people with possibility. We're on a mission to inspire happier days, healthier lives, and stronger communities.

HandyQuip is a platform to connect…


With convenient equipment at your fingertips, HandyQuip helps you live and travel comfortably, with more time and energy for yourself and those you love.

Get exactly what you need

Partner Stores

With HandyQuip's innovative merchant-focused solutions, enhance your success by reaching millions of customers 24/7. Stand out on the map, optimize renting, and see your revenue grow.

Increase your rentals


With accessibility tools, empower and improve the quality of life of your members, employees, or clients. Discover how you can make your organization more inclusive and grow stronger.

Boost your organization

Easy rentals,
affordable equipment,
convenient delivery...
Life is easier with HandyQuip!

Hold on to memories — not luggage.
Pack light with HandyQuip.

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HandyQuip, Inc.
101 Marketside Avenue
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Ponte Vedra, FL 32081, USA


Jacksonville, FL
Ponte Vedra, FL

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