HandyQuip for Organizations

Say Hello to happier members, and more productive teams.

Reimagine how your members live and travel with HandyQuip.

Create possibility.

Business travel

Conferences, training, and meetings should be available to all. And duty of care is paramount.

Ensure that no one gets left behind. Provide HandyQuip's convenience when you make travel arrangements.

Short term aid

When life happens, short term rentals are an easy way to help everyone keep going.

Share the good news. Let your members and their families know about HandyQuip.

Recreational travel

Enable your members and clients to travel comfortably, whether it's an overnight stay or a week-long vacation.

A little thoughtfulness goes a long way. Help everyone get prepared and feel included with HandyQuip.

Easy integration with your organization

It's free

Providing the convenience of HandyQuip to your members is free for your organization. And it's a clear message that you care about each and everyone of your members.

Easy set-up

On HandyQuip, creating an account and a private profile is easy. We make it simple for members to tailor life and travel experiences to their own comfort and mobility needs.

Standalone system

HandyQuip is a standalone service platform that allows everyone to rent on their own, independently of your organization.

Turnkey resources

HandyQuip provides rich content and booking widgets to include on your site, newsletters, and client services — along with exclusive discounted rates.

Hot air balloons rising in the sky.

Elevate your organization with HandyQuip

Attract and retain members
Increase inclusiveness and happiness
Connect people with possibility

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