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Here's how we can help you host guests with disabilities staying at your Airbnb®, Vrbo® or hotel accomodation.

Provide a more accessible experience

Let your guests know about the convenience of medical equipment rentals with

When your guests can plan their trip more easily, they are more likely to enjoy moments together and share great reviews about your place.

Medical equipment conveniently delivered to your rental

Hello, 5-Star Reviews

Tell your guests about HandyQuip when they book your Airbnb®, Vrbo®, hotel or cruise accomodation. With stress-free planning, you make your rental more accessible and inclusive – at no cost.

Local Service & Delivery

As a host, you strive to deliver outstanding service, and so do our Partner Stores in your community. With local customer service and doorstep delivery, HandyQuip takes care of your mobility needs so you can focus on hospitality.

Ask for our Brochures

In addition to posting or sharing directly with your guests, you can have printed brochures for your rental. Contact us or call 1-855-339-QUIP to request your free brochures.

Let your guests know about

and make your rentals stand out.

Start sharing HandyQuip on social media to get better reviews on accessibility.

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