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Virtual assistant revolutionizes medical equipment renting for consumers and families

Florida’s Healthtech Company HandyQuip (www.HandyQuip.com) Announces Quinn, the First Virtual Personal Assistant to Rent Medical Equipment Instantly Online for Home and Travel.

Jacksonville, FL, August 20, 2019 — HandyQuip announced today the launch of Quinn, the first virtual personal assistant to rent medical equipment online for home and travel. Available items include wheelchairs, scooters, medical beds, sleep apnea devices, and more medical products. With Quinn, consumers are able to find the right equipment, book instantly, and schedule pick-up or delivery as early as same-day. Local businesses also gain access to national and international consumers looking for the convenience of online booking. HandyQuip is on a mission to revolutionize home and travel rentals for persons of all ages, their families and caregivers in search of simpler, more comfortable and affordable ways to live.

Today, everyone in the United States wants to maintain their quality of life and travel habits while they age, and in many cases, live with medical conditions. Twelve million people with ambulatory disabilities – about half the size of Florida – require medical equipment daily. In addition, more than 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day, joining another 20-percent of the population already above retirement age. However, renting medical equipment is a complicated, time-consuming, and archaic process that places undue burdens of stress and cost on entire families, especially after an accident. HandyQuip solves this problem by making it easy to rent online.

Using proprietary algorithms and data, HandyQuip’s virtual personal assistant, Quinn, is able to connect consumers with the right medical equipment at the lowest price from a network of trusted businesses. The assistant also coordinates every aspect of modern renting: from reviews and online reservations to cashback rewards, booking reminders and doorstep delivery. Quinn is both a personal assistant and a store associate on duty 24/7, and replaces inefficient phone calls, inquiry forms, and reservation emails.

HandyQuip’s story began with a simple problem: to rent a bed. Its cofounder Stephane Poussou was looking for medical equipment for a family member who is paralyzed. “We needed one bed that we could rely on, far away from home,” said Poussou. “And when we couldn’t find what we were looking for – and realized we weren’t alone – the idea for HandyQuip was born.”

HandyQuip is currently focusing on the Jacksonville metro area, a regional hub for medical tourism and the military, and Florida, a state called home by many of the Baby Boom generation and visited by 125 millions people from all over the world in 2018.

“Yet another great idea from a North Florida Entrepreneur,” said Kevin Monahan, area director at the Florida Small Business Development Center at the University of North Florida. Monahan has advised HandyQuip since its founding. “Many influential members of the greater Jacksonville business and investor communities attended their private launch event and they were all incredibly inspired.” “It is great fun to work with a company doing something so beneficial for so many people.”

Partner stores can use HandyQuip to bring their inventory online, fulfill cashless orders in real time, customize delivery options, or check out efficiently using HandyQuip’s inventory scanner. “HandyQuip is a win-win for everyone,” said Sheri Parkinson, president at Southeastern Medequip, Inc., one of HandyQuip’s Partner Stores in Jacksonville, Florida.

At HandyQuip’s offices, the team is constantly innovating toward happier days, healthier lives, and stronger communities. “HandyQuip is about possibility. It’s gratifying to hear back from our customers who are able to travel with their family, attend a wedding or a graduation, or see their grandchild for the first time,” said cofounder Stephane Poussou. “Disability is a very personal experience, one that HandyQuip is transforming. Comfort is a universal need and well-being should be a basic human right: a tremendous opportunity lies ahead of us to have a positive social impact. The demand for individualized care is currently unmet and keeps growing. We are a self-funded tech company with no external capital who spent thousands of hours writing scalable algorithms, and we are fully committed to the mission. We are not even using our AI technology to its full potential yet… So we’re very optimistic about the future.”

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HandyQuip is a Florida healthtech company that created the first virtual assistant, Quinn, to empower consumers with online medical equipment rentals for home and travel. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, HandyQuip is revolutionizing online renting for persons of all ages, families, and caregivers in search of simpler and more comfortable ways to live and travel. Consumers can visit www.handyquip.com to book medical equipment instantly from trusted partner stores, and follow @handyquip on Twitter. HandyQuip makes it easy to live and travel comfortably, and connects people with possibility.

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