HandyVIP Rewards

A wheelchair, a pair of crutches, a hospital bed, a rollator and aknee scooter.

Collect 150 points,
get 1 day free.

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Rewards made easy!

Whenever you book a rental for your home or vacation.
For each item rented, collect 10 HandyQuip points a day.
Receive free rental days. More travel and possibilities - for free!

Collect points on every rental and earn cashback

  • You choose how you collect your 150 points — each item earns you 10 points a day.
  • You also receive 20 points for each invitation you send to family and friends.
  • Whether it's a single stay or multiple trips, 150 points add up fast!
  • The value of your free day is the average price of the points you collected.

Redeem your HandyVIP rewards anytime, anywhere

  • We really do give you a free day. You pay taxes and fees only.
  • You can apply HandyVIP rewards toward any equipment rented from Partner Stores.
  • There are no blackout dates or restrictions.

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